Year     Artist                                Album                                             Role

2013 The Grimm Generation The Big Fame tracking/mixing  
2013 AJ & Lyrix (WW8) AJNLF 1 tracking/mixing/mastering  
2013 Dave Hogan Trailhead EP tracking/mixing/mastering  
2013 Graylight Campfire Blood of the Saints tracking/mixing  
2013 State of Connecticut City Canvas Documentary editing/mixing  
2013 Switchblade Serenade Switchblade Serenade tracking/mixing  
2012 Tom Tom Club Downtown Rockers tracking/mixing  
2012 Heartbeat Dance Band 2012 Sample Album tracking/mixing/mastering  
2012 Mystic Bowie Sweet Jamaica EP tracking/mixing/mastering  
2012 Kudra Finding Eleven mastering  
2011 Tom Tom Club The Pinker Tones: Amigos & Friends tracking/mixing  
2011 MUTO Men from MUTO tracking/mixing/mastering  
2011 Dave Hogan Fun Box tracking/mixing  
2011 Mutti Lewis Loaf Of Bread tracking/mastering  
2010 Kristen Graves Singing For Hope tracking/mixing  
2010 King Daniel Stress Free EP mastering  
2010 Gospel Light Promise mixing/mastering  
2010 Pillbox Country tracking/mixing/mastering  
2010 Amy O'neill Fund Not Before My Time mastering  
2010 Mystic Bowie Nevah Kiss & Tell Live DVD tracking/mixing/mastering  
2010 Graylight Campfire Keep To Movin' tracking/mixing  
2009 Remember September The Roads We Travel tracking/mixing  
2009 Mystic Bowie Nevah Kiss & Tell tracking/mixing/mastering  
06-09 Various Projects   tracking/mixing  
2005 Big Bird Ma F***** Rap CD tracking/mixing  
2005 Vehicular Homicide EP tracking/mixing  


**-Album is upcoming.


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